Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Sky is Falling

OK, I already know what one of my New Year's Resolutions is going to be. I'll give you has something to do with my blog...apologies for my randomness. 2010 I'm going to be a blogging suparstar! I finally bought a new fire wire cable and was able to upload B's final Training 4 test. If you're looking for a fun distraction from work, here ya go!

B survived his first snow falling off the roof experience. I should correct that. I survived B's first snow falling off the roof experience. Even more impressive. ;0)

I think it took all us Northern Virginianers by surprise when we ended up with six inches of snow the first weekend in December. Say what? I know, right? I've been down here almost 5 years and I have become accustomed to the sprint to the grocery store the minute we hear the word snow and the inevitable morning after of green, green grass staring back. Imagine my surprise, when I pulled back the curtain at 8 am and couldn't see my deck. Twilight zone.

It was just my luck that the snow would make the roof of the indoor arena home until 5:43 pm last Monday, two minutes before my lesson. I longed B as usual. By the way, now I only have to walk him on the longe before getting on, that's some serious progress. Anyone who has been following this adventure for awhile knows that B and I are still working on the kinks of him being cold backed at times. Cold backed meaning I get on and he says, Holy Mother of God what is on my back?? I'd better start bucking right now!! We've been able to successfully avoid that situation for many months now and I'd like to keep it that way, hence the weaning. The new step will be just walking him around the arena. I'd better be packing mints. Oy yoi yoi, I'll keep you posted on that one.

Ok, so the first batch of snow fell while I was longeing B. He jumped a little, but not too bad. Of course, literally 5 minutes after I'd put my foot in the stirrup half the bloody roof fell down. At least it felt like that. In two strides B was from the right side of the arena to the left. B's ears were in my face as the snow continued to fall. Watching the chunks in horror B was so scared he started to shake. At this point, myself (yes, still in the saddle thank the baby jesus), my coach and the other gal in the ring are chanting "It's OK B, it's OK" knowing full well that it's not really OK, the roof does sound like it's going to collapse. The next 45 minutes of my lesson consisted of a whole lot of sitting trot. The snow keep falling and B was worried, but at least I could comfort him to the point of accomplishing some decent trot work. A friend of mine was watching this exercise in survival and listened as my coach said, "It' s up to you if you want to work the canter," at which one my friend replied, "Oh she gets a choice?" My immediate reply? "When your horse is over 18 hands you get the choice." Point well taken. There would be no canter that night.

All in all I was actually really pleased with B's behavior. He very well could have said, I think I'm going to die,I'm out of here, but instead he said, I'm pretty sure I'm going to die, are you with me mom? When I replied, you'll be fine that whole trust thing kicked in, in my humble opinion this moment separates the men from the boys.

Don't you just love those rides were your heart jumps into your throat over and over again? Me neither, but such is life with a baby. Alas I stayed in the saddle and B learned that the sky didn't actually fall. Don't tell him, but there were a couple moments when I was sure that chicken little wasn't lying after all.