Sunday, September 27, 2009

Exit Stage Left

Beamer has been very busy these last few months, but now things are starting to settle down. Whew! We had two more licensed shows, which rounded out our season quite nicely.

Foxcroft was in April and the first day's weather was nothing short of miserable: Windy and rainy. The warm up was on grass and the bluestone ring was a swamp. As we approached the ring I had that moment of, he can either say I'm not sure about this Mom, but OK, or the dreaded hell no! Thankfully, B was true to his character and put his faith in his mother. B gave his best impression of a Saddlebred for the first half then settled into the splashing. The only thing that wasn't happening was the stretchy circle. Can't really blame him there. One splash and he could lose an eye. For our second test we were even luckier and it was full on raining. Oy vay. B once again pulled through. We even managed a 65+%. Wa hoo!

The weather at the Morven Park show in September was slightly least it wasn't raining. B was a trooper as he chugged around the ring like a veteran. Sunday the sun came out. Wa hoo! We rode Training Level 4 test as this was our last chance to qualify for the regional championships. B felt very together and the test felt pretty darn harmonious. We managed to pull off a 74.4% and first place! Woot! Not too shabby for a 4-year-old's first year out. Yahhh B!! That was our second qualifying score. As a professional, I had to obtain two scores over 68% while Amateur's need 62%, just a tad difference. ha.

Once I qualified, the question was, do I really want to drive all the way to Lexington again this year? Hmm....I was so undecided that I even asked for input on my facebook page. After much debate I decided to end things on a high note and exit stage left. B is still a youngster and I want to make sure he enjoys the journey as much as I. Til next year show ring!