Friday, March 19, 2010

Comfort Zone...Finally

Isn't it great when your baby finally starts growing up? You don't even have to answer that. It is. Well, at least for me anyway. I know some folks enjoy the allure of the unknown and the beginning of a new relationship. I am not that person. Like in my non-horsey life—I've been married for almost four years—and life has never been better. I like my comfort zone and I like choosing when to stray from it. I now know that look in B's eye that means gather up the reins or die, and the feeling he gives me right before he's about to step into his sassy pants. I've learned that immediately after I mount he doesn't get to walk with his nose on the ground only to build up momentum that results in being thrown out my comfort zone, which from 18.2 hands is pretty much out of any zone. Oy. Thankfully, B has played nice and now we barely even have to walk around in-hand before each ride anymore. Last week, the temperature finally jumped into the 60s and the sun peaked out. With only a normal workout inside first, I was able to take him on a long walk up and down the driveway without incident. The horses across the road that used to appear like mountain lions have now turned into kitty cat like distractions. Here's to growing up B!